Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Will there be rallies?

They won't just be Trump rallies anymore. They'll be  patriotic rallies with the full backing of the executive branch of government.

Sunday, September 18, 2016

The Way I see it

I've witnessed a lot of presidential politics in my 61 years, and I know that if anyone reads this it will probably be somebody who already agrees with me, but still, I have to go on record. I have to encourage people to vote. I have to encourage people to take a stand and go on record. In 61 years I have not felt our country and what it stands for to be in as much jeopardy as it is now.

If Donald Trump is elected president I will not move. I will continue to call him out on his lies and his mean-spirited ugly rhetoric, and I will laugh at the comedians who make fun of him.

But now is not the time for jokes. Now is the time for asking ourselves: Do we want a president who, despite the evidence of 8 years of appearances on TV denigrating President Obama and questioning the legitimacy of his birth certificate, now brazenly claims that Clinton started it, and he Trump ended it?

Do we really want someone who makes veiled threats with threatening gestures one day then claims we're deliberately misinterpreting him the next?

Do we really want someone who thinks he can fabricate reality? Can we actually trust anything he says?

For a while this summer it appeared that CNN was doing a good job calling him out, but now, they seem caught up in the fact that Clinton has low numbers with millennials and married women, and whose health records are least transparent, and how people just don't trust Hillary.

Listen, you only have to be a little better than the other guy to have the moral high ground. Even if Clinton were as guilty as Trump claims --I'm with her. The good news is I know she's not.

Monday, June 27, 2016

The Unbearable Lightness and Progressive Politics

Milan Kundera's Unbearable Lightness of Being is hauntingly beautiful and rings true on so many levels. I love this book and feel lucky to have read it. But its politics, while I can see where it's coming from, I cannot abide. I can understand how Soviet socialism rendered people unwilling or unable to believe in the possibility of human progress, but it's a political stance I cannot take. For one thing, I have not suffered the demoralizing effects of anything as cynical and brutal as the Sovietization of Prague in 1968. I've been lucky. The challenge for progressives: How best to keep the luck going, how to spread it around and make it grow.

Two New Books

Mark My Word and the New World Order --The Pedestrian Press, J de Salvo, Editor.
The new world order, it's a different kind of future, not what the Illuminati --or their detractors --think.


Restaurant in Walking Distance and Everything --Cawing Crow Press, Craig Grossman, Editor.
Growing up in the seventies. Some of us survived. Some of us didn't. This one's for all of us.