Saturday, August 9, 2008

reading --summer 08 so far

Face of a Hero --Pierre Boulle: This is the author of Bridge on the River Kwai. The main character is repellent in the extreme. The book is worth reading as an exploration of the degree to which we can deceive ourselves. There's something about the style that makes the first few chapters slow going.

Into Thin Air and Into the Wild --John Krakauer: Nonfiction equivalents of good Tom Robbins. (I mean in the sense of hard to put down)

APR July/August 08: Dana Levin's and Maxine Scates's poems are definitely worth the effort.

Wuthering Heights --Emily Bronte: Glad I finally got around to it. Romance is not sweet here: it's painful, angry, deadly. Again, something about the style made me read it slowly. In this case, though, I think I was savoring it, not vexed by the slog. Did Emily Dickinson read this?