Sunday, February 15, 2009

reading ear 3

I saw A Clockwork Orange back in the '70's --I know I got a kick out of it though time and all the knives in my milk left me with very little memory of it. The soundtrack was a Columbia record of the month club selection and I spun it many times --I still remember the Time Steps theme --but it wasn't until the last few weeks that I listened to Tom Hollander read and create the perfect voice of Alex, oh my brothers... As I write this, Biography is telling the story of Meatloaf --how he became the perfect voice for a songwriter named Jim Steinman. Well the same sort of story happens here. Disk 7 of the audiobook I "read" had Burgess reading excerpts, but for these ears, Tom Hollander will always be Alex, making this a book I'll remember for a long long time.

Yet another good audio read: Dennis Johnson's Tree of Smoke. Reviews compare the Colonel to Conrad's Kurtz, but I heard him as closer to the character Maurice on Northern Exposure.